4 Replies to “Rocket City Clown School 2017 in Huntsville”

  1. Judy Marriott

    We are having a birthday get together with family for 5 birthdays. February 10th, would one of the clowns be available? We are in the Harvest area.

  2. Donett Murphy

    I just saw your interview on local tv. I am and have been a clown for over 20 years. I also taught classes (6) at Northern Virginia Community College. I started a clown alley in Loudoun County Virginia which is a suburb of D.C. (Loudoun’s Loudest).

    I retired 2 years ago and have been traveling around the country in my RV. I am now settling into Huntsville and want to get engaged in my community.

    I would enjoy taking your class but unfortunately I am scheduled for surgery in late February. I do however want to become involved.

    My name is Donett Murphy / DONUT (69 year old single female – I am an Agust Clown .
    Phone is 256-508-0309

    1. pcarlton2007 Post author


      Please give me a call at 256-881-0127 and we can talk some more.

      aka Dr Curley/Curley


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