The Rocket City Clowns is an all-volunteer organization of clowns from around the North Alabama area bringing smiles and laughter to both young and old. Activities include clowning at hospitals, retirement and rehab organizations, charity events such the ALS walk, St Jude walk/run and the Partnership for a Drug Free Community Kids Fun Day, parties of all sorts, business advertising, running a clown school, and many many other community events.

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  1. Dixie Distler

    How much does it cost for the clowning school? What are the times and dates for the classes? What are the expectations of the graduates of the school, what are they required to participate in? Thank you for your reply.

    1. pcarlton2007 Post author


      The cost of the class is $50. You will receive some basic things like make-up pencil, etc, as part of your enrollment. The classes will normally meet on Tuesday at 7 pm starting the 7th of February. There are a couple of classes that will meet at different times due the type of class, i.e., make-up class which will meet on the 12th of February at 2 pm. The expectations are for you to learn about clowning. Actual expectations are yours to set. There is no requirement levels for you to meet. Hopefully you’ll want to participate or at lease type everything. What you choose to do is up to you. We will teach you the basics of various skills like ballooning, jugging, etc. Becoming a clown is you letting your inside kid out to have fun and make folks smile. Hope this helps and you sign up for the classes.

      aka Dr Curley/Curley


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